1730 S. Dirksen Parkway, Springfield, IL 62704

Home of Team Calhoun's

Calhoun’s Outlet

Monday - Friday | 10A-4P

The Calhoun’s Outlet offers a wide array of in-stock, ready-to-ship products at great prices. The Outlet specializes in carpet and luxury vinyl flooring (aka waterproof flooring) but also has specials of hardwood, tile, and laminate. The Outlet is a DIYer’s paradise, but if that’s not for the customer, Team Calhoun’s has a list of trusted installers available after purchase. The Calhoun’s Outlet is best for customers wanting flooring fast and at a great price.

Calhoun's Headquarters & Warehouse

Monday - Friday | 8A-4P

The Calhoun’s Headquarters & Warehouse are at the heart of everything Team Calhoun’s. Have products to pick up? Visit our warehouse between 8a-4p for assistance. Need to talk to our leadership team regarding an opportunity or partnership? Give us a call or try stopping in between 8a-4p (please note: It is always better to call ahead when trying to catch a member of our leadership team).


3313 S. Veterans Parkway, Springfield, IL 62703

The Flagship Showroom

Calhoun’s Design Center & the Tile Room

Monday - Friday | Book an Appointment

The Calhoun’s Design Center and the Tile Room offer a hand-picked selection of flooring solutions. Customers looking for a far superior floor buying experience, look no further. The Design Center only offers private consultations where customers get the opportunity to browse our entire offering and discuss the totality of their project without interruption. Calhoun’s Design Center and the Tile Room is best for customers wanting complete design and project management.

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