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Our selection is expansive and covers the spectrum from conservative to eclectic. Despite your budget, it will be outstanding quality that looks tremendous in your home or business because of our in-house, professional installers.

Shopping online for flooring is tempting, but determining the true color is a gamble at best. There’s no substitute for having the product in front of you and experiencing it with your five senses. Okay, maybe not tasting.

Many times before deciding the style of flooring, you might be torn between the types of flooring to go with. Pros and cons exist for each, so our team has prepared an overview for you:

Carpet | Tile | Luxury Vinyl | Hardwood

  • Carpet

  • Tile

  • Luxury Vinyl

  • Hardwood

Why Professional Installation Is So Important

Installation errors could be detrimental to any flooring surface. Consumers are strongly encouraged to weigh the benefits of cost savings to do a project themselves compared to having the flooring professionally installed by Calhoun’s skilled in-house installers.

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