Team Calhoun’s Advantages and Disadvantages of Hardwood


  • Hardwood is one of only two flooring solutions that will generally add value to your home appraisal, the other being tile.
  • Hardwood is elegant and beautiful.
  • Hardwood is a natural product meaning there is no chance of pattern repeat, plastic look, or synthetic feel.
  • Team Calhoun’s opinion: hardwood is an exceptional product for any area of the home.


  • Hardwood can be harder to maintain because it is prone to scratching. That said, finishes on today’s hardwoods are more scratch-resistant than ever before.
  • Hardwood can be a hefty investment, but it is just that, an investment. It can both add value to your home and be a lifetime floor covering.

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Why Professional Installation Is So Important

Installation errors could be detrimental to any flooring surface. Consumers are strongly encouraged to weigh the benefits of cost savings to do a project themselves compared to having the flooring professionally installed by Calhoun’s skilled in-house installers.

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