Team Calhoun’s Advantages and Disadvantages of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

(Luxury Vinyl/LVP/LVT/LVR) (aka Waterproof Flooring)


  • Luxury vinyl flooring is arguably the easiest flooring solution to maintain.
  • Luxury vinyl flooring comes in color and style for just about any palette. It can replicate natural wood, beautiful tile, and even barnwood.
  • Team Calhoun’s opinion: luxury vinyl flooring is a “lifestyle” product, meaning it will take the use, abuse, and even neglect of a busy lifestyle.


  • Luxury vinyl flooring can often be perceived and even sold as “scratch-proof.” Luxury Vinyl is not “scratch-proof,” and being overpromised is often is the #1 complaint of this flooring solution. No flooring solution is “scratch-proof,” and therefore, when appropriately sold, consumers will be educated to take necessary precautions.
  • Luxury vinyl flooring replicates wood and tile looks. If hardwood and tile cost, maintenance, and durability are not an issue, these products may better suit a consumer. Luxury Vinyl is the clear choice for those with busy and chaotic lifestyles.

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