Team Calhoun’s Advantages and Disadvantages of Tile


  • Tile is one of only two flooring solutions that will generally add value to your home appraisal, the other being hardwood.
  • Tile is often a very permanent flooring solution. It can, and will, last a lifetime.
  • From Carrara marble to wood, tile offers magnificent and stunning visuals.
  • Team Calhoun’s opinion: tile is an excellent option for kitchens, bathrooms, and showers.


  • Tile can be cold underfoot, but in-floor heating can solve this.
  • An advantage of tile can also be a disadvantage. While its permanence might be excellent from a performance standpoint, it can often be a significant obstacle when trying to replace it.
  • Tile always requires some grout solution which can often be a higher maintenance product. That said, modern grouts are more stain-resistant and easily maintained.

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