We Are Team Calhoun's: Your Flooring Team

Calhoun's is a leading flooring retailer in Central Illinois. We're committed to offering a large selection of in-stock flooring at the lowest possible prices.

We are more committed than ever to the three things that make us great: (1) Offering a massive selection of in stock flooring. (2) Offering flooring at prices everyone can afford. And (3) creating and sustaining an incredible team dedicated to serving our customers.

It is our vision to pioneer a totally customer-centric way to sell flooring — making it easy for you to find what you need and get the best price around.

Meet the Team

The Story Behind Our Name

Have you ever wondered why Calhoun's is named as such? The answer isn't found in any founder or person but rather in a small town called Calhoun — located right in the heart of Georgia. Georgia is the undisputed Carpet Capital of the World, boasting a strong tradition and legacy of carpet manufacturing. That's right — this Central Illinois team proudly takes its name from the Carpet Capital!

Meet Georgia, the beloved pet and brand ambassador of Calhoun's!