Size: 12'
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Renewed Energy I by Shaw

Fog is a practical choice for any room with durability and water resistance. It blends light brown and gray seamlessly and brings a serene atmosphere to your space.

Pet Perfect Plus Waterproof Carpet with LifeGuard® Spill-proof Technology™

  • Easy to clean: turn an 'Oops' into an 'Oooo'! LifeGuard + R2X keeps spills on top for clean up that's almost like magic
  • Reduces odor: No LifeGuard? Well, that stinks. Really. LifeGuard protects your subfloor from stinky, unreachable messes. 
  • Pet-approved: Animal house? Look no more. Whether it's a muddy mutt, a fishbowl flub, or a pet bowl problem — LifeGuard has your back. 
  • Worry proof: Spills happen, luckily LifeGuard has your back. 

How it works: LifeGuard® Spill-proof Technology™ provides complete, clean-up protection by keeping spills and odor‑causing pet accidents from soaking through to the pad and subfloor.

Clean carpet is beautiful carpet. Live confidently and worry-free with carpet backed with LifeGuard. 


Sample available for $5. Please request a quote to order. 

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