Size: 12'
Sale price$5.00


Out of this World II by Dream Weaver

Nebula carpet showcases the timeless beauty of natural elements with its blend of whites and browns. Reminiscent of swirling galaxies in the night sky, this flooring option adds depth and warmth to any space, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Out of This World is characterized by a tailored colorburst pattern for a comfortable yet classic accent to your home. PureColor High-Def® incorporates up to 24 colors in every carpet, adding layers of complexity for a more vibrant visual and natural feel. Our PureColor High-Def collection pairs perfectly with surrounding surfaces and colors with ease, guaranteeing the carpet to evolve with every phase of your life.

PureColor High-Def Carpet


Sample available for $5. Please request a quote to order. 

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