Tack Strip

Size: 1" Wood Tack Strip (MXS-4420)
Sale price$89.99


MXS-4420: $89.99, MXS-4421: $94.99, CTS-4421: $94.99

MAXXIMUS™ Engineered Carpet Gripper 

The MAXXIMUS™ tack strip offers more plywood, pins, and pre-nails per carton than any other brand. They utilize only premium birch plywood, made specifically to their unique specifications. MAXXIMUS™ doesn't simply “buy” plywood; it ensures it is custom “made.” High-strength carbon steel nails are exclusively sourced from non-Chinese manufacturers. The products from MAXXIMUS™ are thoughtfully designed from the ground up, mirroring the design philosophy of the equipment. The manufacturing machines are distinctively designed and built within MAXXIMUS™'s own machine shop. MAXXIMUS™ tack strip is truly "one of a kind."

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